-Client Review

"Amazing is the best word to describe these two attorneys! They are passionate about what they do and never forget that they work for and with real people who are often in distress and don't know what to do. They can be calm and professional in the midst of chaos! I highly recommend these two for guardianship or adoption related services, or even just for questions and advice about what is needed for a child in need."

m. Jordan berglund

Jordan is originally from Bixby, but she moved to Atlanta, Georgia for high school and college. She attended the University of Georgia and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. After graduation, Jordan returned to Tulsa to marry her middle school sweetheart. Having always been interested in pursuing a law degree, Jordan attended the University of Tulsa College of Law and graduated with Highest Honors in December 2015. Following law school, Jordan practiced in medical malpractice defense before she stepped out in faith to open Beloved Adoption Law, PLLC in 2017, where she practices exclusively in adoptions and guardianships of minor children. In the first two (2) years of Beloved, Jordan has finalized countless adoptions, including DHS adoptions, relative adoptions, direct placement adoptions, adoptions through a domestic agency, and readoptions following international adoptions. Being Cherokee herself, Jordan has also successfully finalized numerous cases involving the Indian Child Welfare Act. As a mother and as a lawyer, Jordan passionately advocates for all children to have safe, stable and loving homes.