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September 16, 2019

3 Great Tips for Your Adoption Lifebook

You may be wondering what should go in your adoption profile book aka your “lifebook”. If you find yourself overwhelmed with creating your family’s book, these three tips should help you on your way.

Lifebook Tip #1: Be Authentic
You want to share information about yourselves, but more importantly, you want to paint a picture of what life would be like for a child in your family. You want to be genuine in sharing your story. The goal of your adoption profile book is to connect you to the right expectant parents who feel drawn to your family. Sharing your family story in a sincere way will help you find that meaningful connection.

Lifebook Tip #2: Have Stand Out Photos
The photos that you choose for your lifebook are typically the first place the reader will be drawn while reading your story. Photos are a major factor in whether someone continues to read your captions. Expectant parents will make initial judgments based on your photos. Often, adopting parents spend extensive time crafting the perfect words for their book and not enough focus on choosing the right photos. Share a mix of special occasion and vacation photos as well as everyday life capturing your hobbies or pets.

Lifebook Tip #3: A Final Sign Off

Many adopting parents end their lifebook with a section called “Our Promise to You” or some variation. Even though you don’t have a relationship with the expecting parents, you can offer a few important thoughts in this area. Consider thanking the expectant parents for reading your book, restating your heart and values surrounding your desire to adopt, and your hope for a possible future together.

Writing your lifebook is an exciting and challenging part of the adoption process. Use these tips to help guide you through the journey of creating an amazing profile book that celebrates your family’s unique adoption story.

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